25 April 2019
Annual General Meeting 2019

4 July 2018
Building airport of the future
Southeast Asia Construction

23 May 2018
A step ahead
The Straits Times

14 May 2018
Engineers lauded for cutting-edge solutions
The Straits Times

18 July 2017
Rowsley to acquire $1.9 bil in healthcare assets from controlling shareholder Peter Lim
The Edge Singapore

14 June 2017
The mark of mindfulness
The Straits Times

24 May 2017
Rowsley to acquire AC Consortium in $8 mil all-share deal
The Edge Singapore

11 May 2017
Young hotel player Ariva to triple key count by 2020
TTG Mice

27 October 2016
Singapore kick-off for Rowsley’s Cafe Football
The Straits Times

21 June 2016
Rowsley to acquire 65% of engineering firm Squire Mech
The Business Times