Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Quek was appointed to the Board on 25 April 2018. He is currently an Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Group. He leads and manages the Group and works actively with the Board and Management to set the focus and strategic direction to grow the business. He currently sits on the Corporate Disclosure Committee.

Mr Quek joined the Civil Service in 1994 and was a member of the elite Administrative Services. Prior to joining the private sector, he had served in various Ministries including Defence, Education, Community Development, Youth and Sports, Health, Home Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Among his key achievements during his distinguished career in the public sector was the pivotal role he played as Founding Director of the National Population Secretariat in the Prime Minister’s Office. While in the Ministry of Education, he spearheaded efforts to develop a more holistic education system. In the Ministry of Health, he played a key role in rolling out the Singapore Healthcare 2020 Masterplan.

In 2008, Mr Quek was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in recognition of his outstanding contributions.

Mr Quek holds a Master in Public Administration degree from Peking University and a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.